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4 thoughts on “Silly Songs!”

  1. I am thrilled to have found your blog and especially like today’s post. I also want my students to have fun songs to sing and I love to hear that they’ve been singing at home, in the car, on the playground, etc. I’m wondering if you sing these songs acappela, or with some type of accompaniment? Also, I’d love to know how you organize all of your music and resources. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

    1. I soooo agree! Many of these songs are “sticky,” and I hear from parents that their kids are driving them crazy with all of the singing around the house they’re doing! That’s when I consider a JOB WELL DONE! 😉

      When you ask how I organize my music and resources, what do you mean? I’ll answer what I think you’re asking. I keep everything – as much as I can – on the computer. I scan resources in and alphabetize them in folders. That way I can just do a search and find things. It’s MUCH easier than keeping physical binders, in my opinion, because it’s easier to find things.

    2. I try to keep most things on my computer also, but I was wondering how you have your folders set up, i.e., by concept, seasonal, etc. For example, do you have all your “silly songs” in one folder? Or might you file a specific song in several different folders, maybe for an objective, special day, accompanying game, etc.

    3. I forgot to answer your question, Patricia! Sorry!

      I organize my computer files by grade level and unit. So, my tried and true songs and activities go in those folders. I have another folder called “All Songs,” where I put a copy of all songs. I also name the songs so I can find them easily (the Mac has an excellent Search). For instance, I’ll name the song “De Colores” like this: “De Colores Mexican Spanish folk” so I can do a search for country and language.

      It’s one of my favorite things to do: organize! 😉 Happy Organizing!

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