Tape des Mains

Excerpt Info What a super-fun rhythm piece from the Congo! The best way to experience this is to play the YouTube video (below) and have the students play along. (You could also play any 4/4 rhythm track and say the

Bow-Wow Says the Dog

Lyrics (Traditional Nursery Rhyme) Bow-wow, says the dog,Meow, meow, says the cat,Grunt, grunt, goes the frog,And a-squeak goes the rat.Tu-whu, says the owl,Caw, caw, says the crow,Quack, quack, says the duck,And what sparrows say, you know. So with sparrows and

Alphabet Poem

Lyrics (Traditional chant / nursery rhyme) A was an angler went out in a fog,Who fished all the day and caught only a frog. B was cook Betty a-baking a pie,With ten or twelve apples all piled up on high.

Great Big Cat

Lyrics (Traditional chant) A great big cat and a wee little mouseWent round and round in a high, high houseBut that wee little mouse got caught at last‘Cause the great big cat ran around so fast! Motions “great big cat”

Rhythmic Dictation

Visuals & Assessment (See downloads at bottom of page. Each number has a corresponding button.) Other Worksheets / Assessments (Available on other pages. Click each image to access.) See also Meter: visuals in 2 Rhythm: dictation sticks Printable & Digital

Peas and the Rice

Lyrics (Traditional chant) Peas and the rice, peas and the rice,Peas and the rice, done, done, done, done,Peas and the rice, Peas and the rice, done, done, done, done,New rice and okra, eat some and left some,New rice and okra, eat

Buy a Penny Ginger

Lyrics (Jamaican folk song) Buy a penny ginger Pung it in the mortar, Buy a penny ginger Pung it in the mortar, Doon-ak-a, doon-ak-a, doo-kay. Game (Adapted) Formation: Students sit or stand in a circle of 3-5 students. On the

Witches’ Night

Lyrics (Melody by Ambrose Thomas, 1924, adapted by Beth Thompson, Lyrics by Charles Harvey) Out where the autumn night winds blow,Hark! There’s a footfall, stealthy slow.Hush! Do you hear that soft tip-tap?Oh, such a ghostly rap.See, there’s a blue flame

Witch Witch

Lyrics (Folk song) Witch, witch* fell in a ditch,Picked up a penny and thought she was rich.“Are you my children?”“Yes we’re your children.”“Are you my children?”“Yes we’re your children.”“Are you my children?”Shouting: “No, you old witch!” *Or “which witch” Game

Jack-o’-lantern (chant)

Lyrics (Traditional chant) Sometimes big and sometimes smallBut always round and yellowWhen children make my famous grinThen I’m a scary fellow Hand-clapping See ideas in the download below. See also Subject: Halloween Activities: motions Dynamics: loud & soft Melody: so-mi
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