Songs about Night Watchmen

Info Night watchmen were men who provided law enforcement around the world since early history. (source) Songs Song of the Watch Village Watchmen Watchman Tell Us Of the Night See also songs about work, jobs, occupations

Folk Songs from Burkina Faso

Songs Diarra loro lora Mami Wata Sindi See also songs from Africa national anthems world regions

Folk songs from Mali

Songs I daden Kooko diren Makun See also songs from Africa national anthems world regions

Songs about Wind

Songs North Wind North Wind Doth Blow When the Wind is in the East Wind Blow East Wind Blows High Windy Bill See also songs about the weather

Songs about Snow

Songs As I Walked Out One Holiday It Snows in the Night Neige neige blanche One Cold and Frosty Morning Silently Falling Snow Sleigh Ride Snow Snowflakes See also songs about weather

Songs about Rain

Songs Ame Ame Cold the Wind is Blowing I Hear Thunder If All the Raindrops It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More It Rained a Mist It’s Raining Kiša pada Naass naass Blieder Pitter Patter Que llueva Rain Rain Come Wet …

Songs in Swahili

It is unclear what country(ies) these songs are from, or they might be sung in several countries. Song Moja mbil tatu See also folk songs from Africa world regions article: Swahili gaining popularity globally

Songs about Letter (Mail) Carriers

Songs A-Tisket A-Tasket All Around the Green Apple Tree Early in the Morning I Got a Letter this Morning Nine Hundred Miles Pirouette cacahuète Valentine Song See also songs about work, jobs, occupations

Songs about Building / Carpenters

Songs Doha ya doha Ehitame Maja Great Day Hosanna London Bridge Podul de piatră Señor San José (Carpintero fino) See also songs about work, jobs, occupations

Rhythmic Dictation

Visuals & Assessment (See downloads at bottom of page. Each number has a corresponding button.) Other Worksheets / Assessments (Available on other pages. Click each image to access.) See also rhythm dictation sticks for younger learners meter in 2 visuals …

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