(American folk song)

Went down to the cornfield to pick a mess of beans,
Along come the bell cow a-pecking at the greens.

Oh, the bell cow, catch her by the tail,
Oh, the bell cow, milk her in the pail. (repeat)

The milk ain’t whipped and the butter ain’t fat,
The darned old cow ate my best hat. Refrain

Partridge in the pea patch, pickin’ up the peas,
Along comes the bell cow kickin’ up her heels! Refrain

One of these days when I learn how,
I’m gonna milk that old bell cow. Refrain

I milked that bell cow couple a quarts,
Sold that milk and I got me a horse. Refrain

The bell cow has a couple a horns
Ain’t been milked since I was born. Refrain

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