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steady beat, meter, notes: whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, syncopation

Melodic Content

high & low, so-mi, mi-so-la, do-re-mi, pentatonic, major scale


songs with Orff arrangements, tips & tricks, recommended classroom instruments


songs organized by note, assessments, fingerings

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Croatian Folk Songs

Song Mi smo djeca vesela Ringe Ringe Raja Links more countries in Eastern Europe countries...

Mi smo djeca vesela

Lyrics Mi smo djeca vesela, rado bi se igrala, al’ ne znamo što. Kaži nam...

Ringe Ringe Raja

Lyrics Ringe, ringe, raja doš’o čika Paja, pa pojeo jaja, jedno jaje muć, a mi...


Lyrics From the feast there came a farmer, On his back a bag of bran,...
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