(Folk song)

1. My aunt came back (echo)
From Holland too (echo)
And she brought with her (echo)
A wooden shoe (echo)

2. …From old Japan…A waving fan.

3. …from Open Plain…a walking cane.

4. …from Near Cam Loops…some hula hoops.

5. …from Near Algiers…some cutting sheers.

6. …from the New York Fair…a rocking chair.

7. …from Niagara Falls…some ping pong balls.

More verses:

My Aunt came back from Waterloo and brought with her some gum to chew

My Aunt came back from the Hebrides, and brought with her, some itchy fleas.

My Aunt came back from Timbuktu and brought her some clowns like You!


For each verse, add a motion until, by the end, you are doing all of the motions at once.

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