Katie Bairdie


(Scottish folk song)

Katie Beardie had a coo,
Black and white about the mou'(1),
Wasna that a dainty coo?
Dance Katie Bairdie!

Katie Beardie had a hen,
Cackled but and cackled ben(2),
Wasna that a dentie hen?
Dance Katie Beardie!

Katie Bairdie had a pig
It could dance the Irish jig
Wasna that a funny pig?
Dance Katie Bairdie!

Katie Beardie had a grice(3),
It could skate upon the ice;
Wasna that a dentie grice?
Dance Katie Beardie!

Katie Beardie had a wean(4)
Widnae play oot in the rain.
Wasna that a dainty wean?
Dance, Katle Beardie.

Katie Beardie had a cat,
Sleek and sly and unco(5) fat.
Wasna that a dainty cat?
Dance, Katie Beardie.

(1) mou’ = mouth
(2) but and ben = two-roomed house (source)
(3) price = young pig (source)
(4) wean = young child (source)
(5) unco = extremely (source)

Recorder Notes G, A, B, C, D’

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