Old Johnnie Goggabee


(Folk song from South Africa)

1. Nelly wanted frocks to show off to her friends,
The dresses that she wore were full of darns and mends,
Then came old Johnnie Goggabee, Goggabee, Goggabee,
He fell for her, this Goggabee, And said, “She soon my wife will be.”

2. Though Nelly was so poor, she still had lots of pride,
She said, “With a name like his, I’d surely want to hide.
His name does not appeal to me – Goggabee, Goggabee,
But he has lots of cash, I see, so Mrs. Goggabee, I’ll be.”

3. Though Nelly’s married now, she worries just the same,
Her friends admire her frocks, but now laugh at her name.
She says, “I’m Mrs Goggabee, Goggabee, Goggabee,
It’s an awful name, this Goggabee, But still I get my dresses free.”

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  • Country: South Africa
  • Subject: silly
  • Meter: 2
  • Scale: major
  • Source: Making Music Your Own, Grade 6, Silver Burdett Company, 1965


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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