The Kicking Mule


(American folk song)

1. My uncle had an old mule, his name was Simon Slick,
‘Bove anything I ever did see was how that mule could kick.

Well, whoa there, mule, I tell you,
Miss Liza you keep cool,
Just keep your seat, Miss Liza Jane,
And hold on to that sleigh.

2. Went to feed that mule morning, and he met me at the door with a smile,
He backed one ear and he winked one eye and he kicked me half a mile. Refrain

3. This mule he is a kicker, he’s got an iron back,
He headed off a Texas railroad train and kicked it clear of the track. Refrain

4. You see that mule a-coming, he’s got about half a load,
When you see a roomy mule, better give him all the road. Refrain

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  • MIDI file
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