Flea Fly Flo


(Folk song)

Flea (flea)
Flea fly (flea fly)
Flea fly flo (flea fly flo)
Veesta (veesta)
Kumalata kumalata kumalata veesta (repeat)
Eeney meeney decimeeney ooh wala wala meeney (repeat)
Ex a meeney sal a meeney ooh wala wa (repeat)
Beat biddley oten doten bobo da beeten doten (repeat)

These are nonsense lyrics. There are lots of different versions of this song. Tempo: get faster as the students get better at it.


  (or available for purchase here)

  • Printable song, Lesson ideas for Voices, Steady Beat, Tempo, Form (Call & Response) (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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1 thought on “Flea Fly Flo”

  1. I remember singing in class

    Flea (Flea)
    Flea Fly (Flea Fly)
    Flea Fly Flo (Flea Fly Flo) of Ista, of ista. A coomala a coomala a coomala of ista, a coomala a coomala a coomala of ista.
    Beep diddly oden boden dit dat n dit dat n shhhhhhhhhh

    Eenie meany decimeni ooh wala wala meanie, eenie meanie decemeni ooh wala wala meanie. Ex a meanie sal a meanie ooh wala wala meanie, ex a meanie sala meanie ooh wala wala meanie. beep diddly oden boden dit dat n dit dat n shhhhhhhh

    I can’t remember her name but she was exotic and always made class so much fun I think her name may have been Ms Ellen Eisencolb or something like that but she was so much fun ?? for growing up in Australia ??

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