(Folk song)

1. There was a farmer had two sons
And both these sons were brothers.
Bohunkus was the name of one,
Josephus was the other’s.

2. Now these two boys had suits of clothes,
And they were made for Sunday;
Bohunkus wore his every day,
Josephus, his on Monday.

3. Now, these two boys to the theater went
Whenever they saw fit.
Bohunkus in the gallery sat,
Josephus in the pit.

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1 thought on “Bohunkus”

  1. Now when they died
    Josephus up to heaven went and
    Josephus went to
    Well, I cannot tell you this
    Because I do not know
    But where he went
    It is so hot
    They do not shovel snow

    The way my mom and dad taught me so many years ago

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