Little Brown Dog


(American folk song)

I buyed me a little dog, its color it was brown,
I learned him to whistle, sing, dance and run,
His legs they were fourteen yards long,
his ears they were broad,
Around the world in half a day on him I could ride.
Sing taddle-o-day.

I buyed me a little bull, about four inches high,
Everybody feared him that ever heard him cry,
When he begin to bellow, it made such melodious sound,
Till all the walls from London came tumbling to the ground.
Sing taddle-o-day.

I buyed me a flock of sheep, I thought they were all wethers,
Sometimes they yielded wool, sometimes they yielded feathers.
I think mine are the best of sheep for yielding me increase,
For every full and change of the moon they bring both lambs and geese.
Sing taddle-o-day.

I buyed me a little box about four acres square,
I fill-ed it with guinea and silver so fair.
Oh, now I’m bound for Turkey, I’ll travel like an ox,
In my breeches pocket I’ll carry my little box.
Sing taddle-o-day.


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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