Little Skunk’s Hole


(Folk song)

1. Oh I stuck my head in the little skunk’s hole,
and the little skunk said, “Well, bless my soul!
Take it out! Take it out! Take it out! Remove it!”

2. Oh, I didn’t take it out, and the little skunk said,
“If you don’t take it out, you’ll wish you had!
Take it out! Take it out!” Pheew! I removed it!

Rhythm: This fun song could be used to teach quarter rest and half note.

  • Add claps on the quarter rests. Add woodblocks.
  • Find the long note: the half note. Over-exaggerate the long sound and add a motion that demonstrates the long sound, such as pretending to push someone away with both hands.


  • Song with chords, Adapted version with different voices
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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2 thoughts on “Little Skunk’s Hole”

  1. Stephanie Fuller

    I have written a children’s book and a variety form of this song is included in the book. I learned it aay girl scout camp and am wondering about the copy right status of this song and what I need to do to have permission to use it.

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