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  8 Responses to “Mexican Folk Songs”

  1. This is an excellent resource. Thank you very much for all the work you have done here. I am very happy to have stumbled upon it.

  2. One of your songs, the “Mexican counting song,” is not a Mexican song. It was written by Lucille Wood, of “Singing Fun” in the 50’s. She wrote it to teach us anglos how to speak a little Spanish!

  3. This is great. One of my friends is dying soon (of cancer). She is a native Mexican, and I was looking to play some music for her from home.

  4. Hey Beth,

    Thanks for the excellent resource. Have a question. Are all these songs in public domain? I want to use a few songs for my commercial animation project so would like to know. Please let me know or it would be great if you can direct me to the correct resource for Mexican public domain songs.


  5. Thanks for your response Beth. Is there any official page which I can find proof that these are in public domain? Hope you understand my concern because I don’t want to be in trouble after using them 🙂

    Also I don’t plan to use your images. I will be using the lyrics and will be composing my own tunes for the project. If I use your images I will definitely give you attribution.


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