La víbora de la mar


This is a popular children’s (and wedding) game with a lot of different versions.

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

“A la víbora, víbora de la mar, de la mar
por aquí pueden pasar.
Los de adelante corren mucho
y los de atrás se quedarán
tras, tras, tras, tras.

Una mexicana que fruta vendía
ciruela, chabacano, melón o sandía.
Verbena, verbena, jardín de matatena.
Verbena, verbena, la virgin de la cueva.
Campanita de oro déjame pasar,
Con todos mis hijos menos el de atrás
Tras, tras, tras tras.

Será melón, será sandía,
será la vieja del otro día
día, día, día, día.

English Translation - To the serpent

To the serpent, the serpent
Of the sea, of the sea
All of you can pass through here,
Those up front run quickly
Those at back are left behind
behind, behind, behind, behind.
A Mexican lady, who sells many fruits
Plums, apricots, cantaloupes and watermelons
Dance, dance*, game** garden.
Verbena, verbena, the virgin of the cave.
Golden bell let me pass
With all my children except the one in the back
behind, behind, behind, behind.

Is it cantaloupe? Is it watermelon?
Is it the old lady we saw the other day?
Day, day, day, day!



Formation: Two leaders are chosen who form an arch. One person is Melon, and the other one is Watermelon. Other students stand in a line with hands on waist or shoulders of person in front.

Students sing as they walk under the arch. At the end, the students who formed the arch drop their arms around a student. That person decides to join the Melon or Watermelon side and stands behind one of the people who form the arch. The song begins again. After all students have joined a side, both sides do a tug of war.

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