La víbora de la mar


“A la víbora, víbora
de la mar, de la mar
por aquí pueden pasar.
Los de adelante corren mucho
y los de atrás se quedarán
tras, tras, tras, tras.

Una mexicana que fruta vendía
ciruela, chabacano, melón o sandía.
Verbena, verbena, jardín de matatena.
Verbena, verbena, la virgin de la cueva.
Campanita de oro déjame pasar,
Con todos mis hijos menos el de atrás
Tras, tras, tras tras.
Será melón, será sandía
será la vieja del otro día
día, día, día, día.


“To the snake, the snake
Of the sea, of the sea
All of you can pass through here,
Those up front run quickly
Those at back are left behind
‘hind, ‘hind, ‘hind, ‘hind.

An old Mexican lady, who sells many fruits
Plums, apricots, cantaloupes and watermelons
Is it cantaloupe? Is it watermelon?
Is it the old lady we saw the other day?
Day, day, day, day!

This is a popular children’s – and wedding – game. There are lots of versions and lots of youtube videos of wedding versions.

Game (one version)

Two leaders are chosen who form an arch. Other players make a serpent line, each placing hands on waist or shoulders of player before him. On the first verse, all sing and the serpent line passes under the arch. On the words,’la de adelante’, the arch is dropped over the player underneath, but is then immediately raised and dropped again on the word ‘la de atras’ on the following person in line. Or the arch players may choose to keep the first captive, to increase the suspense of the game. After a player is captured, there is a whispered conference in which the prisoner chooses “silver” (“plata”) or “gold” (“oro”) (any symbols picked by leaders to identify their two sides.) Captive goes to the leader he chooses in this manner’ and stands behind him. Game continued until all are captured. A tug of war is the traditional means of establishing victory.

Shorter version for Recorder Notes D,E,F#,G,A,B

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Extras for Plus Members

  • Song with chords in 3 keys (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen

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