Juguemos en el bosque

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

Juguemos en el bosque
Mientras el lobo esta (repeat)
Spoken: ¿El lobo esta?

Lobo: Me estoy bañando. Refrain

Lobo: Me estoy secando. Refrain

Lobo: Me estoy poniendo los pantalones. Refrain

Lobo: Me estoy poniendo … [la camisa, los calcetines, los zapatos] Refrain

Lobo: ¡Ya estoy aqui!

English Translation - We are playing in the woods

We are playing in the woods
While the wolf is here (repeat)
Spoken: Is the wolf here?

Wolf: I am bathing. Refrain

Wolf: I am drying myself. Refrain

Wolf: I am putting my pants on. Refrain

Wolf: I am putting on… [my shirt, my socks, my shoes] Refrain

Wolf: I’m here now!


One student is named the wolf. Other students form a circle and walk around the circle while singing (wolf stands outside the circle). The children ask the question “Is the wolf here?” The wolf can improvise the response. If the wolf says “I’m here now!” the students must run away, and the wolf must tag one. That person becomes the new wolf.

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