1. ¿Que quiere usted? Matarile, rile, rile, ron.
2. Quiero saltar,
3. Quiero marchar,
4. Quiero bailar,


1. What do you want? Matarile, rile, rile, ron.
2. I want to jump…
3. I want to march…
4. I want to dance…


Choose a student to be “Matarile.” Students stand in a circle.
Verse 1 – Matarile walks around the outside of the circle, and on the last word (“ron”), he/she taps the person he/she is standing behind.
Verse 2 – Both students jump on the steady beats in the middle of the circle (“saltar” = “jump”) and choose new students to join them on the last word.
Verse 3 – All four students march around the inside of the circle and tap new people to join them.
Verse 4 – All eight students dance around the room, but be careful to return to somewhere in the original circle by the last word.
Choose a new student to be “Matarile” and play game again.

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