Marinero que se fue a la mar

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

Marinero que se fue a la mar y mar y mar
para ver que podía ver y ver y ver.
Y lo único que pudo ver y ver y ver
fue el fondo de la mar y mar y mar y mar.

English Translation – A Sailor Went to Sea

A sailor went to sea and sea and sea
To see that he could see and see and see.
And the only thing he could see and see and see
Was the bottom of the sea and sea and sea and sea.

Hand-Clapping Game

Formation: Partners face each other with right palms facing down and left palms facing up.

On the beat, students’ right hands go down and left hands go up to clap hands with their partners. On the following lyrics, do these motions:

  • line 1 “mar” = salute
  • line 2 “ver” = cross hands over the chest
  • line 3 “ver” = pat thighs
  • line 4 “mar” = salute

When the song is repeated, the motions are done in the opposite order. Each time the song is sung, it is repeated faster and faster until someone can’t keep up. (source)

See the variation of this game in the video below.

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