La Raspa yo bailé al derecho y al revés.
Si quieres tú bailar, empieza a mover los pies.Brinca, brinca, brinca también
Mueve, mueve mucho los pies.
Que la raspa vas a bailar
Al derecho y al revés.

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This song is La Raspa (not to be confused with the Mexican Hat Dance). We usually listen to it and dance along, but there are lyrics above if you want to sing it. Section C is instrumental. You could omit Section C if you are just singing.


You can do this with concentric circles, but I just have students find a partner and stand a few steps away from each other – anywhere in the room. (And I really don’t worry if students are using R or L feet.)

Section A: Hands on hips:

4 beats: Jump on R foot, extend L heel forward,
Jump on L foot, extend R heel forward,
Jump on R foot, extend L heel forward
Freeze in place
Repeat pattern until next section

Section B: R arm swing with partner (8 beats)

L arm swing with partner (8 beats)

Section A repeats

Section C: Stand facing partner, hands behind backs

4 steps forward, 4 steps back (8 beats)

Section A repeats

Extras for Plus Members

  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen