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4 thoughts on “Jazz Resources”

  1. fabulous – thanks for being willing to share at no cost – have you done a jazz song with tuned percussion? would love to see that for elementary students? or know where I can get one that isn’t too hard?

    1. A couple of ideas off the top of my head: start with a blues song (see my group of blues songs) and put the kids in 3 groups of barred instruments of chords: I, IV, V. I should write it out one of these days! Also, do a google search for “jazz Orff.” There are some good books, but in have found them to be a little challenging for my kids. Good luck!

  2. I use boomwhackers for the 12-bar blues. My 2nd graders were able to see the colored chords I wrote on the board and they knew what colors to play with. It was great! This site has helped me a lot as a resource for great age-appropriate songs for my music class lessons. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

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