Tengo una muñeca vestida de azul

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

Tengo una muñeca vestida de azul
Zapaticos blancos, delantal de tul
La lleve a paseo y se me constipo
La tengo en la cama con mucho dolor

Esta mañanita me dijo el doctor
que le dé jarabe con un tenedor,
Dos y dos son cuatro, cuatro y dos son seis,
seis y dos son ocho, y ocho dieciséis.

Translation - I have a doll dressed in blue

I have a doll dressed in blue,
White shoes, tulle apron,
I took her for a walk and she felt sick,
I put her in bed with a lot of pain.

This morning the doctor told me
to give her syrup with a fork,
Two and two are four, four and two are six,
six and two are eight, and eight are sixteen.

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