Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song, from Baja California)

Yo le dije al zapatero que me hiciera unos zapatos
con el piquito redondo como lo tienen los patos.
Malaya el zapatero como me engañó,
Me hizo los zapatos y el piquito no

English Translation - The Shoemaker

I told a shoemaker to make me a pair of little shoes
with the toes rounded, like those of a duck
Doggone that old shoemaker, how he fooled me.
He made me the little shoes, but not the toe part

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2 thoughts on “El zapatero”

  1. My Mother heard me singing an English version of this song and remembered this song from her childhood. I have been looking for the words in Spanish and these are the exact words she sang. She was 94 when she passed 3 yrs ago. This is an old song!

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