La Rama (the branch) is a holiday tradition that takes place during the dates of the Posadas, from 16 to 24 December in the south and center of the state of Veracruz. (source)

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

1. Desde Veracruz venimos andando
Y al niño Jesús andamos buscando.

2. En un jacalito de cal y de arena
Nació Jesucristo en la Nochebuena.

3. Salgan para afuera, miren que primores
Verán a la rama cubierta de flores.

4. Naranjas y limas, limas y limones
Más linda la Virgen que todas las flores.

English Translation - The branch

1. From Veracruz we come walking
And we are looking for the baby Jesus

2. In a little hut of lime and sand
Jesus was born on Christmas Eve

3. Go outside, look at what beauties
You will see the branch covered in flowers

4. Oranges and limes, limes and lemons
The Virgin even more beautiful than all of the flowers

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