La pájara pinta

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

Estaba la pájara pinta sentada en su verde limón
Con el pico cortaba la rama,
Con la rama cortaba la flor.
Ay, ay, ay, cuando vendrá mi amor.

Daré la media vuelta, daré la vuelta entera,
Con un pasito atrás haciendo la reverencia.
Pero no, pero no, pero no, porque me da vergüenza,
Pero sí, pero sí, pero sí, porque te quiero a ti.

English Translation - Painted bird

The painted bird was sitting on the lemon tree
With his beak he cut the branch,
With the branch he cut the flower.
Ay, ay, ay, when will my love come.

I’ll give a half turn, I’ll give a full turn,
With a little step back, bowing.
But no, but no, but no, because I’m ashamed,
But yes, but yes, but yes, because I love you.


Formation: Students facing partners.

First stanza

  • pájara = bird motion – flap arms or pantomime feathers on head
  • sentada = pantomime sitting
  • pico = point to mouth
  • rama cortaba = cutting motion
  • ay, ay, ay = both hands up and around in arcs
  • vendrá = hug self

Second stanza

  • media vuelta = Turn halfway around
  • vuelta enters = Turn the rest of the way around
  • un pasito = one step back
  • haciendo = bow
  • no = shake finger
  • vergüenza = cover face
  • si = nod head
  • a ti = point to partner

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