Songs from the Southeastern States (US)





North Carolina

South Carolina



  • State Songs – Our Great Virginia & Sweet Virginia Breeze (These are both contemporary songs / lyrics, and I am unsure whether there is a copyright on them or not.)
  • Other Song

West Virginia


  • I got the most of the songs from internet research, so if you find anything that’s incorrect, let me know.
  • Some songs were easy to find. Some were not. Some I had to notate myself after listening to recordings.
  • Some states have more than one state song, and some are still under copyright. I couldn’t find a copyright on some songs – and I found out that some songs’ composers waived the copyright.
  • Most of the songs had tons of verses, so I just chose a couple in each case. If you need more verses, they are all findable on the internet.

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4 thoughts on “Songs from the Southeastern States (US)”

  1. Girlfriend, you absolutely, POSITIVELY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your wonderful hard work and this RESOURCE of your website! What a blessing you are! 🙂

  2. Beth,
    Just found your blog. Loved all the states songs. What a great resource, thanks.
    My 5th grade choir had a great time singing all 50 states last year. I wanted to do something different that the usual “50 Nifty United States” song. so I took the Johnny Cash song “I’ve been everywhere” and changed the lyrics to include all 50 states. I offered a prize to the first student who could memorize it. The kids were so excited. It’s a free download on the teachers pay teachers website if anyone is interested.
    Anyway, thanks for the resource, I’ve just started checking out the elementary music blogs, and it’s really paying off.


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