Cumberland Gap


(American folk song)

1. Me and my wife and my wife’s pap,
Goin’ to Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap.
Our two little kids named Holly and Hap,
And an old hound dog barkin’ yap yap yap.

Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Gap,
Everything I own is strapped upon my back.
Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Gap, Hey!
Walking to Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap!

2. Daniel Boone on Pinnacle Rock
Had a coonskin hat and old flintlock.
Huntin’ for his supper, he’d never fail
To shoot him a squirrel or a turkey or a quail. Refrain

3. The Cumberland Gap is a mighty fine place,
Three kinds of water for to wash your face.
The spring and the creek and the river too,
Three kinds of water for to cook your stew. Refrain

4. This Wilderness Road is rugged and long,
Fit for only the brave and the strong.
Should trouble find us and things go wrong,
We’ll all pull together and sing this song. Refrain

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