The Old North State


This is the official song of the state of North Carolina, U.S.


(Folk tune, Lyrics by William Gaston)

Carolina! Carolina! Heaven’s blessings attend her!
While we live we will cherish, protect and defend her;
Tho’ the scorner may sneer at and witlings defame her,
Still our hearts swell with gladness whenever we name her.

Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State forever!
Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State!

Though she envies not others their merited glory,
Say, whose name stands the foremost in Liberty’s story!
Though too true to herself e’er to crouch to oppression,
Who can yield to just rule more loyal submission? Refrain

Then let all who love us, love the land that we live in
(As happy a region on this side of heaven),
Where plenty and freedom, love and peace smile before us,
Raise aloud, raise together, the heart-thrilling chorus!” Refrain

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