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Bonnie Doon

Info The Doon is a river in Scotland. Lyrics (Scottish folk tune, Lyrics by Robert Burns, 1843) Ye banks and braes of Bonnie DoonHow can ye bloom so fresh and fair?How can ye chant ye little birdsWhile I so weary,

Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow-Wow

Lyrics (Joseph Tabrar, 1892) 1. I love my little cat, I do With soft black silky hair It comes with me each day to school And sits upon the chair When teacher says “why do you bring That little pet

Good Morning Song

Lyrics (Melody by Mildred J. Hill, Lyrics by Patty S. Hill, publ. 1896) Happy Monday morning, whether rain or shine. Little children start from home and run to school by nine. Tra la la la la la la, Tra la


Lyrics – Latin (Clemens non Papa, 1510-1555) Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Sanctus, sanctus English Translation – Holy Holy, holy, holy Holy, holy See also Language: Latin Subjects: Christian / choral music Harmony: rounds & canons YouTube Song with chords & 5

Shogher Jan

Info The composer, Komitas (whose given name was Soghomon Soghomonian) was born in 1869 in Armenia. He collected Armenian folk music and also composed folk-style music. (more info) Lyrics – Transliteration (Composed by Komitas: Soghomon Soghomonian, 1869-1935, Armenia) Ampel a,

The Chorus of Frogs

Lyrics (By Aunt Effie: Jane Euphemia Saxby, 1860) “Yaup, yaup, yaup!”Said the croaking voice of a Frog:“A rainy dayIn the month of May,And plenty of room in the bog.” “Yaup, yaup, yaup!”Said the Frog as it hopped away:“The insects feedOn the

Aeroplane Jelly Song

Info Aeroplane Jelly is a popular jelly brand that comes in lots of flavors. This catchy jingle has become a popular song in Australia. (source) Lyrics (Albert Francis Lenertz, Australia, 1939) I’ve got a song that won’t take very long,

The Squirrel2

Lyrics (Melody by C. C. Roeske, 1889, Lyrics by Emilie Poulsson) 1. Little Squirrel, living there in the hollow tree, I’ve a pretty cage for you. Come and live with me! You may turn the little wheel. That will be


Info The notes for this song state that this was a popular German song composed in 1793, but the lyrics were inappropriate for children. Carolyn Sherwin Bailey wrote these lyrics with the same joy that the original German lyrics had.


Lyrics Clara Belle Baker, 1921, adapted by Beth Thompson Cling-a-ling-ling-ling, the gong is ringing. See the firemen going to the fire. Hook and ladder, hose and engine bringing, See the firemen* going to the fire. Now the engine stops, Now
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