On Top of Old Smoky


The Great Smoky Mountains are in Tennessee and North Carolina. You will sometimes see it spelled as Smokey, but the mountains are officially spelled with no “e”.


(American folk song)

1. On top of old Smoky, all covered in snow,
I lost my true lover, by courtin’ too slow

2. A thief will just rob you and take what you save
But a false hearted lover will lead you to your grave

3. The grave will decay you, and turn you to dust,
Not one boy in a hundred a poor girl can trust.

4. They’ll hug you and kiss you and tell you more lies,
Than the crossties on the railroad or the stars in the skies.

5. For the leaves they will wither and the roots they will die,
You’ll all be forsaken and never know why.

6. On top of Old Smoky all covered with snow,
I lost my true lover from courtin’ too slow.

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