Songs from the Western States (US)




  • State Song – Home Means Nevada (Composed in 1932, after the copyright deadline.)



  • Present State Song – Utah, This is the Place (The song is in the public domain, but the score must be purchased from the composer.)
  • Former State Song – Utah We Love Thee



  • I got the most of the songs from internet research, so if you find anything that’s incorrect, let me know.
  • Some songs were easy to find. Some were not. Some I had to notate myself after listening to recordings.
  • Some states have more than one state song, and some are still under copyright. I couldn’t find a copyright on some songs – and I found out that some songs’ composers waived the copyright.
  • Most of the songs had tons of verses, so I just chose a couple in each case. If you need more verses, they are all findable on the internet.

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6 thoughts on “Songs from the Western States (US)”

  1. This is great! I’m a Montana native, and I’ve never heard the first part of the song until I stumbled across your blog…We always learned it from the “Montana, Montana…” part. I guess you really do learn something new everyday! Thanks so much for this blog, I will be visiting often!

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