Colorado Trail


(Folk song)

1. Eyes like a morning star, cheeks like a rose,
Laura was a pretty girl everybody knows

Weep, all you little rains, wail, winds, wail.
All along along along the Colorado trail.

2. Laura was a happy girl, smilin’ as the day,
Laura was a pleasant girl, now she’s gone away. Refrain

3. Sixteen years she graced the earth, and all life was good,
Now all life is buried beneath a cross of wood. Refrain

4. Ride all the lonely night, ride all the day,
Keep the herd a-rollin’ on, rollin’ on its way. Refrain

5. Black is the stormy night, dark is the sky,
Wish I’d stayed in Abilene, nice and warm and dry. Refrain


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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2 thoughts on “Colorado Trail”

  1. Barbara Kostelnik

    Lovely song I listened to often as a child, on the album “Songs of the Old West” by the Norman Luboff Choir. One point: I don’t know which came first, but they and many others use the lyrics “God Almighty knows” instead of “everybody knows”, and I feel those lyrics are more poignant and keeping with the overall poetry of the song — the one who lost the child is almost cursing in their grief, plus it captures the loneliness along the trail.
    Thanks for sharing your insights into this song — terrific!

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