This is the same tune as Camptown Races, but the lyrics are for the 1849 Gold Rush.


1. Sing and heave and heave and sing, Hoo-dah, Hoo-dah,
Heave and make the hand-spikes spring, Hoo-dah, hoo-dah day.

Ho, boys, ho! For Californio!
There’s plenty of gold, so I’ve been told on the banks of Sacramento.

2. From Limehouse Docks to Sydney Heads…
Was never more than seventy days… Refrain

3. We cracked it on a big skiute…
And the old man felt like a swell galoot… Refrain

Here is a similar song


1. A bully ship and a bully crew
With a hooda and a hooda
A bullymate and a captain too
Hooda hooda ay.

Then blow ye winds hi oh for Californy-o
There’s plenty of gold so I’ve been told
On the banks of the Sacramento.

2. Around Cape Horn in the month of snow,
With a hooda and a hooday
We came to the land where the riches flow.
Hooda hooda ay. Refrain

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