Utah We Love Thee


This was the official song of the state of Utah, U.S. until 2003 when 4th grade students urged their representative to introduce a bill to replace the state song with someone more fun to sing. The official state song is now “Utah, This is the Place.”


(Evan Stephens, 1895)

Land of the mountains high, Utah, we love thee!
Land of the sunny sky, Utah, we love thee!
Far in the glorious west, Throned on the mountain’s crest,
In robes of statehood dressed, Utah, we love thee!

Columbia’s newest star, Utah, we love thee!
Thy lustre shines afar, Utah, we love thee!
Bright in our banner’s blue, Among her sisters true,
She proudly comes to view, Utah, we love thee!

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2 thoughts on “Utah We Love Thee”

  1. Beth, “Utah, We Love Thee” was the state song of Utah from 1937-2003 and is still the official state hymn. However, after a group of 4th graders talked to their local representative, it was changed to “Utah, This is the Place,” by Sam and Gary Francis. Who says kids can’t make a difference?

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