Starving to Death on a Government Claim


(American folk song)

1. I traveled out West to the wide open plains,
I traveled out West to this country of fame,
I’ve never been known as the type to complain,
But I’m starving to death on a government claim.
My house, it is built of the national soil,
Its walls were erected with blood, sweat, and toil,
The roof has no pitch, but is level and plane,
I always get drenched when it happens to rain!

Hooray for Lane County, the land of the free,
The land of the bedbug, grasshopper and flea.
I’ll sing of its praises, I’ll tell of its fame
While starving to death on a government claim!

2. This is the farmland where blizzards arise,
Where corn never lives and the flea never dies,
And wind never ceases, but always remains,
‘Til it starves us all out of our government claims.
How happy I am when I crawl into bed,
A rattlesnake hisses a tune in my head,
A brave little centipede, all without fear
Crawls over my pillow and into my ear. Refrain

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