Wyoming Where I Belong


Annie & Amy Smith, the composers of this song, shared this story with me:
The song “Wyoming Where I Belong” took an 18 year journey to arrive at its final destination as an Official State Song of Wyoming. The song debuted in New York Central Park. The following morning the song, “Wyoming Where I Belong” played on “Good Morning America.” A few years later Amy and Annie were signed on Warner Bros. Records as Singer/Songwriters. They toured overseas, and the song was picked up on BBC radio all over Europe.

Soon “Wyoming Where I Belong” developed a large following in the States via social media. People from all over the world responded to this song saying “how much it reminded them of their home.” Eventually Wyoming constituents were requesting “Wyoming Where I Belong” to be Wyoming’s State Song. Amy & Annie, with the help of the City’s select Children’s Choir, presented the song to both the Wyoming House and Senate. The Legislature responded, and the song, “Wyoming Where I Belong” became a Bill and signed into Law July 2018.

We felt it important to respect and honor the original song, as it beautifully describes the settling of the west and Wyoming as a young, strong new state. The new State song, “Wyoming Where I Belong” honors and compliments the existing State Song and continues this legacy by specifically focusing on our great state. The lyrics describe all parts of Wyoming, making it personal to the people of Wyoming and those who come to Wyoming as a place where they belong. “Wyoming Where I Belong” works hand in hand with the existing song, rejuvenates new listeners of all generations and gives parents, grandparents and children a sense of belonging. We have given the song to Wyoming and can be used for education and for all to view and share.


(By Annie & Amy Smith)

Let the rivers flow through the Big Horn Mountains,
Hear the mighty winds blow across the western plains,
Oh take me home where I belong,
Wyoming, Wyoming, where I belong.

The Black Hills rise over Thunder Basin,
The Sweet water runs across the Great Divide,
The wind rivers sweep into the North Platte Valley,
Wyoming, Wyoming, where I belong.
Wyoming, Wyoming, where I belong.

A spirit calls to us from the High Absarokas,
The Snake River roars where the eagle soars,
Oh save this land, save it for our children,
Wyoming, Wyoming, where I belong.
Wyoming, Wyoming, where I belong.
Wyoming, Wyoming, Wyoming, Wyoming, where I belong.


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