Oh California


(Melody by Stephen Foster, Lyrics by John Nichols)

1. I sailed from Salem City with my washbowl on my knee.
I’m goin’ to California, the gold dust for to see.
It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry.
The sun so hot I froze to death, oh brothers don’t you cry.

Oh, California, That’s the land for me!
I’m goin’ to San Francisco with my washbowl on my knee!

2. I soon shall be in Frisco, and there I’ll look around,
And when I find the gold lumps there, I’ll pick them off the ground.
I’ll scrap the mountains clean, my boys, I’ll drain the rivers dry,
A pocketful of rocks bring home, oh brothers don’t you cry. Refrain

3. I’ll take my washbowl in my hand and thither wind my way,
To wash the gold from out the sand in California.
And when I get my pocket full in that bright land of gold,
I’ll have a rich and happy time, live merry till I’m old. Refrain

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