Who’s That Tapping at the Window


Who’s that tapping at the window?
Who’s that knocking at the door?
Mammy tapping at the window?
Pappy knowing at the door?

Recorder notes: G, A, B, D’

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  • Song with chords in 3 keys, Adapted Version for so-mi (solo singing), Lesson ideas for Rhythm (half, quarter, eighth notes, quarter rests, syncopation), Melody (so-mi), 2 Orff arrangements with ostinato parts, Printable student copy, Student Copies – Recorder notes G,A,B,D’
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2 thoughts on “Who’s That Tapping at the Window”

  1. Could I please use your link for a copy of the song “Who’s That Tapping at the Window” for music teachers to look at your site to refer to this song for a lesson plan. I am writing curriculum for the Ministry of Education of Ontario in conjonction with the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Ontario Canada. There is no monies made from this. It is a project to help preserve Islamic culture and I am using this song to show dynamics. If I cannot, my lead writer will have to write out a copy of this folksong on her music program. Thank you and I await your response.

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