Sing My Name

– Are you tired of singing the same old welcome and name songs?
– Are you looking for ways to incorporate more singing (instead of talking) in your classroom or homeschool?

75 pages in one downloadable pdf*

  • Lesson ideas for grades Pre-K to 5th, many with Orff arrangements
  • 17 songs & lesson ideas to welcome students to class, learn their names, tell them to line up, sing students’ names when it’s their turn to play instruments, etc. Lesson concepts include:
    • Rhythm (long/short, notes/rests, syncopation, duple & triple meter)
    • Melodic contour (high/low, solfege, pitch-matching assessment)
    • Movement (locomotor, circle dances, hand-clapping games, movement improvisation)
    • Form
    • Harmony


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17 songs
  • Goodbye Julie
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Good Morning
    • Good Morning / The More We Get Together
  • Hail Hail the Gang’s All Here
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Hickety Pickety Bumblebee
    • Pitch Matching Performance Assessment Rubric
  • How Old Are You?
    • Rhythm Visuals
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Juan Pirulero
  • Sleepy Sailor / Rose Rose
  • There’s a Student in the Ring
  • Toodala
  • Uncle Jessie
    • Orff Arrangement
  • It’s Almost Day / Welcome to Music
    • Orff Arrangement
    • Student Copies
  • When Billy Was One
    • Rhythm Visuals
    • Orff Arrangement
    • Student Copies
  • Who’s That Tapping at the Window
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Oh Won’t You Sit Down
    • Visuals
    • Paper Xylophone – GAB
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Ya Vienen / Here They Come
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Yonder She Comes
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Yoo Hoo
    • Melody Visuals
    • Orff Arrangement

“I love this book! Last week I used the “Good Morning” song and we played instruments as well. The kids loved it!! It’s been great especially for my classes that are tired of our same old hello song! There’s so many to choose from that I can keep them fresh all year long!” – Keri

“I have mostly used the “Welcome to Music” song, and it is now a staple of my classroom. It’s a great way to start our classroom routine. I especially loved the notes on every song; they are well worth the price of the book alone! We’ve used one or two other songs in the book, but I’m very excited to have the resource to keep coming back to every year. I would highly recommend it for any elementary music teacher!” – Angie

“The songs in your book are a lot of fun for my students to sing and were a wonderful way to start the school year.” – Christine

“Tonight I finally got around to buying your book. To be honest I wasn’t sure what it would be like…. Now I’m really pleased I did as the ideas are new and fresh.” – Wendy

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