Moş Crăciun cu plete dalbe

Lyrics - Romanian

(Romanian folk song)

Moş Crăciun cu plete dalbe
A sosit de prin nămeţi
Şi aduce daruri multe
La fetiţe şi băieţi

Moş Crăciun, Moş Crăciun!

Din bătrani se povesteşte
Că-n toţi anii negreşit
Moş Crăciun pribeag soseşte
Niciodată n-a lipsit Refrain

Moş Crăciun cu plete dalbe
Incotro vrei s-o apuci
Ţi-aş canta Florile dalbe
De la noi să nu te duci! Refrain

Translation – Santa Claus With White Hair

Santa Claus with white hair
Has made his way through the snowdrifts
To bring many presents
To little boys and little girls.

Santa Claus, Santa Claus!

From ancient times they tell the story
Of Santa Claus who without fail
Comes every year, roaming the world,
He has never missed a year.  Refrain

Santa Claus with white hair
Where do you want to go?
We’d sing to you Florile dalbe*
So that you wouldn’t leave us.  Refrain

*Florile dalbe is a Romanian Christmas carol, which translates to “The White Flowers’’
(source) (source)

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