El Noi de la Mare

Lyrics – Catalan

(Catalan folk song – Spain)

Què li darem an el Noi de la Mare?
Què li darem que li sàpiga bo?
Li darem panses amb unes balances,
Li darem figues amb un paneró.

Què li darem al Fillet de Maria?
Què li darem al formós Infantó?
Panses i figues i nous i olives,
Panses i figues i mel i mató.

Tam-pa-tam-tam que les figues són verdes,
Tam-pa-tam-tam que ja maduraran.
Si no maduren el dia de Pasqua,
maduraran en el dia del Ram.

English Translation - The Son of the Mother

What will we give to the Son of the Mother?
What will we give that he will enjoy?
We shall give Him a tray full of raisins,
We shall give a basket of figs.

What will we give to the beloved of Mary?
What will we give to her beautiful Child?
Raisins and figs and nuts and olives,
Raisins and figs and honey and curd.

Tam-pan-tam-tam, the figs are green,
Tam-pa-tam-tam, they will mature.
If they do not mature on Easter,
They will mature on Palm Sunday.
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