Great Grand-dad


(Folk song)

1. Great grand-dad when the land was young
Barred the door with a wagon tongue
For the times were rough and the redskins mocked
And he said his prayers with his shotgun cocked.

2. Great grand-dad was a busy man;
Cooked his grub in a frying pan,
And he picked his teeth with his hunting knife,
And he wore the same suit all his life.

3. Nineteen children came to bless
The old man’s home in the wilderness.
Oh, they slept on the floor with the dogs and cats,
And hunted in the woods in their coonskin caps.

4. Nineteen boys and not one bad,
They never got fresh with their great grand-dad.
If they had he’d have been right quick
To tan their hides with a hickory stick.

5. They grew strong in heart and hand,
Firm foundation of our land.
Nineteen boys and a great grandson,
But he has a tough time with that one.

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