Tūdaliņ Tagadiņ

Lyrics - Latvian

(Folk song from Latvia)

Tūdaliņ, tāgadiņ
Pastalnieki dancos. (repeat)

Cits ar vīzēm, cits ar kurpēm,
Cits ar basām kājām! (repeat)

Es ar būt līdzi lēcs,
Man tā kurpe pušu. (repeat)

Ņem to siksniņ, sien to kurpīt,
Lec tiem citiem līdzi! (repeat)

English Translation - At once, right away

At once, right away
The pastalnieks are in dance, (repeat)

Some dance with plain shoes some with shoes,
Some with bare feet, (repeat)

Naturally, I will jump along,
My shoe is split in two, (repeat)

Take that bast*, bind those shoes,
Jump along with the others! (repeat)

*bast is fiber made from trees (source)

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