Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

Soy el farolero de la Puerta el Sol
Subo la escalera y enciendo el farol.

A la media noche me puse a contar
Y todas las cuentas me salieron mal

Dos y dos son cuatro, cuatro y dos son seis
Seis y dos son ocho y ocho dieciseis.

Y ocho veinticuatro y ocho treinta y dos
Animas Benditas, me arrodillo yo.

English Translation - The lamplighter

I am the lamplighter of Puerta el Sol
I go upstairs and light the lantern.

At midnight I began to count
And all the counting went wrong.

Two and two is four, four and two is six
Six and two are eight and eight are sixteen.

And eight twenty-four and eight thirty-two
Blessed Souls, I kneel.

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