Kukułeczka kuka


This song is about a boy trying to find a girl to marry, thinking he can impress her with good looks, money, or clothes. (source)

Lyrics - Polish

(Polish folk song)

Kukułeczka kuka,
Chłopiec panny szuka
Spozira przebira
I nosa zadzira

Kuku, kuku, aha, aha
oj, diridi oj diridi dyna
oj diridi dyna uha

Chłopcy moje chłopcy
W co wy się dufacie
Czy to w te surduty
Co na sobie macie? Refrain

Poznać ci to poznać
Chłopca fanfarona
Choć pusto w kieszeni
Głowa najeżona Refrain

Kukułeczka kuka
Syrce we mnie puka.
Głupi ten kawalir
Co z majątkiem szuka Refrain

Pytajta kukułki
Ona wam odpowie,
Że ten najbogatszy
Co ma dobrze w głowie Refrain

English Translation – Cuckoo kuka

Cuckoo kuka,
The boy is looking for a girl
Spozira beats it
And the nose bursts

Kuku, kuku, aha, aha
oh, diridi oj diridi dyna
oh diridi dyna uha

Boys, my boys
What will you give yourselves to
Whether it’s in those frock coats
What are you wearing?

Know you know it
A boy’s fanpharon
Although empty in the pocket
The head is bristling

The cuckoo is cooking
Syrka is knocking in me.
That stupid cavalry
What is he looking for with the property

Ask the cuckoo
She will answer you
That the richest one
Which is well on his mind
(Translation: google)

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