(Scottish folk song)

Sandie Toy, Sandie Toy, Sandie Tiddlem, Tiddlem Toy.
There was a man, a man indeed,
Sowed his garden full of seed.

When the seed began to grow like a garden full of snow.
When the snow began to melt like a ship with a belt.

When the ship began to sail like a bird without a tail,
When the bird began to fly like a diamond in the sky.

When the sky began to roar like a lion at my door,
When the door began to crack like a pain across my back.

Play Party / Hand-Clapping Game

Version 1 – Formation: Students stand in two concentric circles with the inside circle faces the outside circle (partners facing each other).
Measures 1-3 – Pat, clap (own hands), high five partner’s hands
Measure 4 – Pat, clap (own hands), high five partner’s hands, pat own hands again
Measures 5-8 – Repeat measures 1-3.
Optional: Change partners for the next verse.

Version 2 – Two lines facing each other. Repeat the same hand-clapping pattern over and over (with partner):
Clap (own hands), right hands high five, clap (own hands), left hands high five.

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