This song and game is used in New Year celebrations.

Lyrics – Transliteration

Cambodian folk song)

Leak Kanseng!
Chhma khaaim keng!
Oh long oh long

English Translation - Hide the towel

Hide the towel,
Cats bite,
Drag! Drag! (source)

Cambodian / Khmer – លាក់កន្សែង

អូសលោង! អូសលោង!


Formation: Students sit in a circle on the floor.

One person (Person “A”) holds a “Kanseng” (towel) in one hand and walks around the outside of the circle and sings. “A” secretly puts the “Kanseng” behind one of the students on the floor (Person “B”). “B” jumps up, grabbing the towel, along with the person to their right (Person “C”). Both “B” and “C” run around the circle, with “B” chasing “C” until “C” returns to their spot and sits down again. “B” becomes the new “A” and puts the towel behind another student.

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