(Folk song)

Way low down in the cedar swamp,
Waters deep and muddy,
There I met a pretty little miss,
There I kissed my honey.

Swing a lady up and down,
Swing a lady home,
Swing a lady up and down,
Swing a lady home.

Build my love a big fine house,
Build it in the garden,
Put her in and she jumped out,
Fare you well, my darlin’. Refrain


Formation: 2 lines facing each other

Ms. 1-4 – Head couple sashay to foot of line.
Ms. 5-6 – Head couple, right arm swing.
Ms. 7-8 – Head couple, left arm swing.
Ms. 9-10 – All couples, right arm swing
Ms. 11-12 – All couples, left arm swing


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  • Worksheet / Assessment – Compose Rhythm
  • Song with chords – 2 versions, Lesson ideas for rhythm composition
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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