A la lata, al latero
A la hija del chocolatero
A la lima, al limón
A la hija de Don Simón


To the (tin) can, to the tinsmith,
To the daughter of the chocolate maker
To the lime, to the lemon,
To the daughter of Don Simon.


Children sit in a circle and with any object (stone, stick, shoe, etc) in front of each person.
See numbers in boxes above the rhythm above:
1 – Students pass their object to the floor in front of the person on their right.
2 – Pass objects again to the right.
3 – Pass objects to the right without letting go.
3.5 – Pulse the item back in front of each person.
4 – Pass object to the right again, this time letting go.
5-8 – Repeat 1-4
(See video #1.)


Students stand in a circle holding hands.
1 – All take a step forward.
2 – All take a step backward.
3, 3.5, 4 – Take 3 small steps to the right.
5 – Step forward.
6 – Step backward.
7, 7.5, 8 – Take 3 small steps to the left.
(See video #2.)

Optional: Start slowly, gradually get faster.


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