April 2018 eBundle

April 2018 eBundle


38 pages in one downloadable pdf*

Action Songs

  • Mein Hut Der Hat Drei Ecken
    • Motions
  •  A la lata al latero
    • Game
    • Dance

Rhythm Pattern 1-2-3 (rest)

  • My Big Bass Drum
    • Adapted Version (Have You Seen Me)
  • Koonelaki (Bunny)
    • Adapted English Version – Little Rabbit
    • Ostinato
    • Rhythm Visuals

Silly Songs

  • Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder
  • When Papa Put the Paper on the Wall
  • When Father Papered the Parlour
    • Rhythm Visuals


  • Lesson ideas using rhythms from When Father Papered the Parlour
  • Writing Rhythms in 6/8 Worksheet / Assessment
  • Cedar Swamp
    • Simplified Chords
    • Rhythm Visuals
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Rhythm Composition – Lesson ideas using sixteenth notes
  • Compose Rhythms Worksheet / Assessment

Ethnomusicology – World Instruments

  • Posters
    • Aerophones
    • Chordophones
    • Idiophones
    • Membranophones
  • Printable Cards
    • Aerophone Cards
    • Chordophone Cards
    • Idiophone Cards
    • Membranophone Cards
  • Ethnomusicology Categories Handout
  • Ethnomusicology Categories Worksheet / Assessment

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