Rhythm Compositions

Rhythm Composition – Primary

(half sheet) The first page would work well for Kindergarten and 1st grade students to enter notes and rests that equal one beat. The sheet does not have instructions on it so it can be used for different rhythms. For instance, you could assign any of the following rhythms:


Another option is to cut out the cards (maybe also laminate them) and have the students rearrange them on their page. Extend the lesson having them work together in partners or groups. Then they must perform the rhythms on their page.


Rhythm Composition – Intermediate

This works well for assigning rhythms that aren’t limited to only one beat, such as half notes, dotted half notes, dotted quarter notes and whole notes. You will notice a subtle color difference in the lines below where they will write their notes. Each shade of color equals one beat.

  • Rhythm composition with sixteenth notes – Available on this page: Cedar Swamp

  • Rhythm Composition – Write Your Own – This page allows students to copy some examples of measures or write their own.

  • Rhythm Composition – Note Houses

  • Rhythm Composition – See Erie Canal for download.


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  • Rhythm Compositions for Primary & Intermediate, Rhythm Composition – Write Your Own, Note Houses


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